January 11, 2014

One Bottle Three Functions

Pure-Bottle, designed by Barcelona-based studio Lucirmás, is a fully recycled and recyclable table set which consists of a glass, lantern and spoon, perfect to complement any dining occasion. Each table set is made from a single recycled wine bottle which has been cut in two positions, giving new life and value to the object. 1 4 The lanterns provide wind protection for candles while creating a warm ambience perfect for restaurants, cafes or home settings. The glasses are simple yet durable, while making a strong ecological statement. 3 The spoons are functional and versatile; perfect for presenting food in a restaurant, serving a salad or eating your breakfast cereal. Together, Pure-Bottle proves that recycled products can be simple, functional and stylish. 2 Elegant and Eco-friendly, the Pure-Bottle would make a great addition in any home while telling an interesting story.  
Categories: Food Gadgets


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