June 07, 2015 London UK Europe

Patty&Bun: A Special Smokey Burger in London

Phone Number: +44 20 7621 1331

Address: 22/23 Liverpool Street, London EC2M 7PD, United Kingdom

Website: http://pattyandbun.co.uk

Price Range: 15-30 $


Welcoming: 3/5

Food Temperature: 7/10

Ambiance / Music: 7/10

Menu Choice: 3/5

Food Taste: 22/30

Architecture / Interior: 7/10

Food presentation: 7/10

Service: 6/10

Value for money: 7/10

Patty&Bun, a famous burger place facing Liverpool Street Station, was next on our list of FoodieHub's best burger places in London. A small place with a maximum of 20 seats welcomes you for lunch and dinner, and you'd better be prepared to wait. 


I loved the first impression; the smell of the fries, the sounds of the grill and the nice music. Prepared one after the other, the buns look nice, toasted on the inside and shining like gold on the outside.

The bad: The staff doesn't wear gloves and the cashier and serving people at the front of the house simply work in their day clothes. It lacks some hygiene in here.

On the menu:

  • Arigold cheeseburger
  • Smokey Robinson burger
  • Jose Jose chili burger
  • Hot chic chicken burger
  • Portobello dig it mushroom burger
  • Special of the day

The signature burgers:

  • "Arigold" cheeseburger: A beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, ketchup, smoky P&B mayo, brioche.
  • Smokey Robinson burger: A beef patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, bacon, mounds of caramelized onions, ketchup, smoky mayo, brioche. 


Now for the burgers:

  • I started with the Smokey Robinson which I loved. A rich smoky flavor takes over your mouth while the other ingredients start finding their way around. The crunchy Roma lettuce, which isn't bad after all, and the caramelized onions combined with the smokiness is a perfect combination as well as the condiments, which each add a touch. The bun is not bad, just chewy enough and enjoyable.
  • Now for the Arigold: A good burger with nothing exceptional about it. Too sweet, too dull in flavors, too much lettuce.
  • The crunch is too prominent and the smoky mayonnaise wasn't felt much. I'd surely stick to Mr. Robinson's recipe.
  • The wings... I'm trying the find the appropriate words to describe them. A sandy texture, a dry heart, a sweet sauce and, bizarrely, a feeling of disgust as I bit into them.


Now let's compare: This was the second stop today, we started with the Stokey Bears and now at Patty&Bun. Payty&Bun wins with the Robinson Burger and Stokey Bears wins with the wings. 

Anyhow, I was not impressed: I wouldn't stand in line for these burgers.





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