July 08, 2017 Lebanon Middle East

Pave Way for the Ambulance: Help Save a Life

#Pave_way_for_the_ambulance or افتحوا_طريق_الاسعاف# is an awareness campaign that kick starts by a video shedding light on a strong message to the Lebanese public about the seriousness of making way to ambulance whenever the siren is heard.

This campaign is the endeavor of a non-affiliated Lebanese citizen and her four-year-old daughter, Belicia Kahwaji.

We hope that this initiative collaborates in a social change to a better community; one that values empathy among its citizens.

As guardians, we are entrusted to teach our kids social responsibility at a young age.

Pave Way to the Ambulance

Please remember:

  • Traffic delays patient's arrival to the hospital.
  • When drivers don't give way, the ambulance has no choice but to drive zig zag.
  • The fastest way to reach hospital is driving straight not zig zag


Please help us spread this humanitarian message.

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