June 18, 2018 New York USA Americas

Pitaya Bowl: The Next Healthy Trend

After my all-time-favorite Acai bowl which I made a point to eat at least ten times when in New York, Pure Green introduces the brightly colored Pitaya bowl. It’s called Pitaya, or the dragon fruit served frozen and blended with mango, pineapple, banana, blueberry, strawberry and covered with granola. There is also coconut water added to it.


Light-bodied, fresh and icy, the bowl has a smooth sweetness to it while giving you a feel of lightness: It’s addictive! It’s bright purple color makes it unique. As for the content, it’s rich in vitamin C and many vitamins B, it improves skin health, lowers cholesterol and boosts health.

Craving a treat, keep it healthy and enjoy a Pitaya bowl; this new trend is taking the world of food by storm. For 10$, -it’s not cheap, you will make yourself happy. A boost of happiness for the day while cleansing your body.


As mentioned earlier, I can’t come to New York and not have “The Acai bowl.” Dark colored, creamy and icy, refreshing and healthy. The bowl I’m in love with mixed with almond milk, bananas and topped with granola and berries.

The Acai bowl has a certain sweetness to it, -there is added sugar in the mix-, the Pitaya is more acidic - sugar-free- and lighter due to the absence of almond milk.





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