September 24, 2017 Paris France Europe

Playmobil Funpark: A Giant Playroom for Your Kids

Traveling to Paris with your kids, this is an attraction you have to visit. My little ones spent three long hours roaming around, enjoying their time and feeling transported into this huge playroom every kid would dream to have at home.


Tired of storing your children’s toys lying around the house and dreaming of a giant game room for them to play? The Playmobil Funpark is made for you ! 11 playgrounds and more than 6000 square feet of playing space, kids will have plenty of room and playmobils to have fun with.

My kids loved it... a huge game room entirely dedicated to Playmobils.


The different playgrounds divide themselves into many themes my kids loved: Princess castles for girls, dragon castles for boys, farm, safari, dinosaurs, tractors, hospital, circus.

Playmobil Funpark doesn't have sensation rides. It’s just a giant playground. That being said, your kids will have a blast and won’t be solicitating you every 5 minutes. Non negligible bonus these days : the price range is very affordable. Free for those under 3 and 3€ for everyone else.

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