February 15, 2014

Nutella Turns 50 in May: Be a Part of the Festivities

Nutella celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and more specifically, May 18 is the day. The iconic chocolate spread wants to say “thank you” to the millions of consumers who love Nutella, big and small. The brand will celebrate its birthday with a multi-million pound global campaign that spans digital promotion, a special-edition design, a TV ad, giveaways and more. Culmination of activities until the birthday date.


Nutella encourages fans to share their moments of happiness in suitable formats—text, photo and video—after registering on the platform. So far, 2,000+ shareable stories have been uploaded. The fans who take part in the movement automatically participate in a prize draw. Plus, each person who submits a story to the site will get a personalized name label for a 400g jar of Nutella. The brand will also launch special-edition Nutella jars, featuring the red hearts incorporating red figures of people placed against the white background. I am sure we all have a story or two about this mouthwatering chocolate spread that has taken the world by storm for the past 50 years. Tell us your story - don't be shy even if you have sneaked out of bed in the middle of the night to plunge in that spoon into the jar and finished the whole thing... Trust me you're not the only one.
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