February 02, 2015

Sweet B: A Different Approach to Truffles - The Brazilian Brigadeiros

Have you heard of the Brazilian chocolate truffles? If not, you have to order them today.  They're not only beautiful and pleasant to look at but they're tasty.


Brigadeiro is a simple Brazilian chocolate bonbon, created in the 1940s. The candy is made by mixing sweetened condensed milk, and cocoa powder or some kind of powdered chocolate together. The mixture is then heated in a pan on the stove to obtain a smooth, sticky texture, then rolled into balls, which are covered in granulated chocolate.

In a box, 20 colorful truffles are perfectly set one next to the other just waiting to be devoured... And trust me, once you start you can't stop. Some are pink, others are white and even brown… rolls, and cylinders, vermicelli you name it. Milk chocolate, white, caramel or dark mousse… covered with the crunchy decoration. It’s a box of eye candy. 

Some are very good, others are a bit too sweet but my friends liked them; it's a question of taste. One bite, the other, you keep on going until the sweetness becomes overwhelming; I’ll reduce the sugar a bit.

Thin rolls of crispy chocolate crumble under the teeth while the chocolate truffle melts under the palate. A pleasant aftertaste stays around for some time while you plunge into the next one. 


Taste wise, they’re a success but I would improve on the packaging.

I would definitely add a sheet of paper explaining what I am eating. I was looking for one, but couldn’t find one… I would have loved to know what is every bite all about without having to play a guessing game. They should at least have a description or mention the ingredients or state the expiry date… Let’s say I have an allergy. Can I eat from these chocolates?  

Besides, eating chocolate is enjoyed better when you know what you’re eating, understanding the content and feeling it is part of the experience. It was impossible here. 

The paper should include some of these details: 

  • The name is “Brigadeiros”. Why so?  An explanation would be enjoyable
  • History of the product
  • The ingredients
  • Allergies warning
  • Calories
  • Production date
  • Expiry date
  • And definitely a more professional email that carries the domain name of the product. An outlook.com doesn’t express professionalism

I loved them and do recommend them, but the when making a new batch, make sure to include the necessary information and ASAP.

Sweet B +961 3 695690





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