January 17, 2017

Magic in a Cup: For the First Time in Lebanon at Dunkin' Donuts
Sweet Tooth

I had the chance to be one of the first to try Dunkin' Donuts' "Magic in a Cup" drinks... Innovative indeed!


Creative and sexy, the new collection of drinks will be launched round Lebanon starting January 19.

  • Mocha tiramisu: an iced coffee drink with chocolate and coffee flavors, decorated with a double chocolate donut, a chocolate cone and chocolate biscuit finger. A huge cup decorated with corn flakes on the outside. It feels fresh, firm and full bodied with an enjoyable coffee taste and light sweetness. 09/10
  • Salted toffee lavender: serious eye candy! It consists of whipped cream and caramel popcorn with chocolate mikado biscuits and salted pretzel on the outside. Looks nice and tastes great. 08/10
  • Cookies and cream: colorful chocolate vermicelli, a donut, two KitKat fingers, a chocolate biscuit, whipped cream and cookies and cream covering a cookies and cream shake. It's a sight to behold! Mouth-watering. 08/10
  • Banana bubble gum shake: pink, colorful, funky and joyous... it's a sweet shake especially created for kids. Too sweet and artificial for me! 05/10
  • Caramelized peanuts: two chocolates, three donuts, a huge cup, whipped cream and colored chocolate chips. It's a generous cup filled with sweet ingredients and a background flavor of peanut. 06/10
  • Cotton candy magic: a cotton candy cloud, a donut over a pinkish cup intensely flavored with strawberries. It's not childish, not synthetic, it's flavorful and lightly sweet. 06/10
  • Nemo, the blue drink: it's like looking into an aquarium! Yellow balls floating around, some fizziness and an added boost of sweetness. A bit too heavy on the food coloring for my taste. 05/10
  • Caramel crumble: caramel, cookies and vanilla, pink cream, white chocolate, chocolate petals and biscuits. Vanilla freshness, caramel taste and cookie sweetness. An interesting drink. 07/10

... and much much more! It seems Dunkin' Donuts has big plans this year to impress us.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth





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