January 08, 2015

Problem Solver: Drink Yourself to Your Creative Limit

The advertising agency CP+B Copenhagen wants to show that creative thinking can help solve any problem. So it brewed a beer that can help you think more creatively! And it will use the beer to solve problems for those who really need it.


Have you ever wondered why you always come up with the best ideas after a couple of beers? It is no secret that many of the worlds most ingenious inventions have started their life as thoughts and ideas exchanged over beer. Recent scientific studies have substantiated what was by many, often discarded as a myth. Professor Jennifer Wiley and her team at the University of Illinois at Chicago have proven that when reaching an alcohol level of 0,075%, the average man produces the most creative thinking. This is known as the creative peak, and is considered the ideal state for problem solving, inventing and general “out of the box” thinking. Professor Wiley explains the connection between alcohol and creative thinking in the way that “innovation may happen when people are not so focused” emphasizing the well-­‐known effects of the substance.

More than four thousand miles from Chicago, in Copenhagen Denmark, creative advertising agency CP+B has taken the Illinoi University research to the next level. The advertising agencies own business comes from selling creative and innovative ideas that help solve their clients’ business problems. As a firm believer in the fact that creative thinking can solve any problem, the advertising agency has scientifically engineered beer that enables the average person to reach the desired 0,075%. Some critics may argue that naming the beer “The Problem Solver” may be seen as encouraging the use of alcohol.


Although that is not the point argues CP+B Copenhagen Senior Creative Mark Torbensen: “This is not MadMen on TV. Drinking about one will enable creative thinking. Drinking more will probably do exactly the opposite! We urge consumers to enjoy alcohol responsibly. That is why we have done a smart weight scale that shows the individual how much they need to consume to reach their peak. Not everyone needs to empty a full bottle”. He further underlines that the beer is just one and perhaps a more indulging way to reaching your creative peek.

The advertising agency serves the beer at fun after hour workshop sessions at the Copenhagen office, but the idea with the beer goes far beyond that. CP+B Copenhagen CEO Mathias Birkvad explains that the ad agency has founded what he calls “The Problem Solvers”. It is thought as an initiative that invites creative minds to sessions with the purpose of coming up with creative solutions to problems, and only for those who cannot afford to pay Mad Ave consultancy fees. Instead they will pay a beer for an idea. Birkvad explains the initiative is thought to help local communities, charity organizations and several others.

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