January 13, 2015

Project Nourished: Eat Anything You Want Without the Calories

If I tell you that there is such a thing that allows you to enjoy food without worrying about the extra calories. What would you say? Kokiri Lab has worked on Project Nourished, a gastronomical virtual reality experiment which is done by using an Oculus Rift VR headset, built-in sensor utensil, and a Leap Motion sensor that lets participants feast in their preferred dining environment with a lift of a finger.


Project Nourished uses the technology along with food aromas, to make users think that they are enjoying a range of delicious foods such as lasagne and steak. In fact, they are actually eating low-calorie jelly-like food substitutes made from ingredients such as gum arabic and pectin that mimic the taste of our everyday food through aromatic diffusion—which would help to curb cravings, reduce obesity, and other related illnesses.


Would you want to eat these "virtual-real" food? Or indulge in the true pleasure of eating?

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