October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Tap Kit: Perfect Fall Accessory

With Halloween just a few days away, you still have time to surprise your guests with a cool gadget - The Pumpkin Tap Kit! Pumpkins are always a favorite during this season, but mind you, this gadget can be used on other hollow big fruits like a watermelon... pumpkin-tap-kit Pay proper homage to the most splendid season of all by featuring a pumpkin keg at your fall fiestas! This tap kit has everything you need to turn an ordinary pumpkin (or watermelon) into a pumpkin drink dispenser. Both the cylindrical shank and the faucet are made of sturdy chrome-plated b. rass and they easily assemble with the help of the clearly illustrated instructions that are included in the box. You'll be pouring pumpkin cocktails in no time flat! It pours drinks, looks great, starts conversations, and makes your friends jealous.
Categories: Food Gadgets


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