December 14, 2013

Special Mail Delivery From Your Favorite Chefs

If you love cooking, then this will be a great gift for you. Throw in some hints here and there and make sure they add your name to the mailing list... actual letters that get delivered by a post man. Imagine receiving two recipes and two letters a month for a year from some of the worlds most famous chefs, bakers and artisans including the likes of Dominique Ansel -yes the creator of the Cronuts. What's special is that along with the recipes, you will get a letter written by the chef about the story and idea behind the recipe. Here's your chance to get into the genius minds behind your favorite foods and restaurants thanks to Kitchen Letters, the brainchild of Food52 shop editor and stylist Bryce Longton. unnamed Letters ship on the first and fifteenth of every month. If you plan to give this as a holiday gift, make a note in the gift note section at checkout. Since the subscription will not begin until January, we can send along a physical gift card to give to the recipient to let them know the subscription is coming -- so they have a little something under the tree.  
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