April 24, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

Zaatar W Zeit: Where's the Rest of My Tabbouleh?
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Something is wrong. Look at the picture below and tell me what you see... I personally see a half empty plastic container of what is left of my quinoa tabbouleh from ZaatarWZeit. I honestly felt like the small bear in Goldilocks... Someone's been eating my tabbouleh.


I was starving. I called ZWZ at the office and ordered their quinoa tabbouleh. When the delivery arrived and I opened the paper bag, I saw a big box. It was a mess. Parsley pieces everywhere, stuck between the plastic cover and the box itself... It looked messy honestly. I was too hungry to even think further. I opened the plastic box and I was in shock. You could see the bottom of the plastic container. Pieces of parsley everywhere stuck on the side... I really felt someone's been eating my food on it's way to me and just gave me the left overs. I felt more hungry even after eating it.

I called them back and asked why the order is so tiny - she said politely, "this is the portion we serve." She promised to deliver the messages to management. I hope she does.

  • The container is too big for the portion inside
  • The portion is VERY tiny.
  • During delivery the box must have gone through a roller coaster, because the order looks super messy and unappetizing.
  • The pieces of parsley are cut too big
  • More tomatoes cubes needed
  • The sauce needs something, I am not sure what as I am no expert in cooking at all


I suggest:

  • Use smaller containers... This way the food won't swim around on it's way to the customer, looking messy and unappetizing at all.
  • Double the portion and add the price a bit. You can make it 6000LL, instead of 4000LL and at least be full at the end.I really didn't understand the concept of price and portion.
  • Tell the customer on the phone that the portion is small, maybe they would think of ordering two portions or add something else to the order


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