March 08, 2013 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Zaatar W Zeit: Lebanese Traditions Upscaled and Revisited
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Phone Number: +961 1 211711

Address: Sodeco, Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon


Price Range: 10-15 $


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 7.5/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 26/30

Architecture / Interior: 7/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Value for money: Soon

Zaatar W Zeit has been know for redefining the meaning of the Lebanese Furn, highlighting the “mankouche” in a different way. A simple recipe for a traditional product was the starting point of this unique concept back in 1999 in their humble Achrafieh branch where people stopped at all hours of the day to enjoy Zaatar W Zeit signature creations.
In 2012, Zaatar W Zeit changed. The concept fell into a harsh debate with its existence. Lebanese were confused with the creation of a new logo in some of the branches and in others not, with prices increasing drastically and a menu that moved from being a Furn to a restaurant for all ages, all day long. ZWZ became for Lebanon what Pret A Manger is for the United Kingdom.
We all kept on loving ZWZ even though almost everyone hated this new green identity and change.
After years of personal strike with the brand, I decided to throw a look at this concept producing my favorite sandwich. Their website, was unscaled, following the Web 2.0 trends, offering unique features like rating sandwiches, menus, add your ideas all making you interact with the brand. The best thing is their application. I previously mentioned that the only application with the possibility of ordering online was the Burger King one until I discovered ZWZ latest.
The intelligent application:
  • Choose the category to browse
  • See every item's picture
  • Remove any unwanted ingredient
  • Add the item to your basket
  • Log in, so ZWZ knows all your info
  • Choose the delivery time
  • Everything is easy and without even having to call anyone
The menu sections clearly marked:
  • (V) Vegetarian
  • (P) Contains pork
  • (Heart) Low in fat
  • (N) New
  • (C) In a cup
  • Salads, pans, teazers, pizzas, specialty wraps, manakeesh, desserts, beverages, redefining light
We ordered tonight:
  • Halloumi Bacon 9,500L.L: Mouthwatering halloumi cheese and bacon topped with tomatoes and mayo served on sun-dried tomato dough. Even though this sandwich has become super over priced, I can say that it's an award winning creation. Nobody ever could replicate this unique wrap of endless passionate ingredients. Sun-dried tomato bread like you never tasted in your life, wrapping little cubes of grilled bacon mixed with non salty halloumi and fine slices of tomatoes adding the final watery sweetness to the mix. A line of mayonnaise is all what is needed to make this sandwich awesomely tasty.  Yes, I am a fan since the early days and will always be.
  • Turkey & Cheese 8,000L.L: A classic combination of melted cheese topped with slices of smoked turkey, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo mustard. My wife's favorite. I haven't seen her ordering anything else since we first met in 2005.
  • Zooza Salad 9,750L.L: A bright mix of baked potatoes, white beans, boiled egg, tomatoes, corn, black olives, tuna and green mix, enjoyed with mustard vinegar dressing. I simply loved it. Yummy. So fresh, so generous, so colorful and so magical.
  • Whole Grain Pasta 10,500L.L: Rich whole-grain penne with green & red bell pepper, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, basil, sun-dried tomato and thyme, topped with roasted chicken, enjoyed with balsamic dressing. What a unique creation! Impressively delicious. Was asked lately where is my famous salad restaurant in Lebanon... Can I say that Zaatar W Zeit has a chance to be in my favorite list?
I like about this concept:
  • Their unique sun-dried tomato bread
  • The professionalism of the nice packaging
  • Their continuous upgrading and development
  • Their social media involvement and strong awareness
  • The menu choices and food presentation
  • A taste nobody else could even copy
Pay attention:
  • The website doesn't open on mobile devices and shows a blocked page. Make it show a link to download the iPhone or iPad applications
  • Your prices are way too high especially in our country passing by hard economical moments. ZWZ has become a brand for the rich
  • You need to have large bags for delivery like Roadster and Crepaway where the individual paper ones fit in. Ordering at the hospital, I had to walk the corridors with three paper bags stacked one over the other and it looked ridiculous
Wasn't expecting to be that amazed and that enchanted tonight. Would have to visit one of ZWZ branches to write a detailed review, but after what I experienced this evening, this restaurant is still maintaining its reputation as a unique concept, serving premium high-end tasty wraps.
Can we find a solution for the prices? 9,500L.L for a sandwich? When you can eat a double meat burger, two slices of cheddar cheese, coke and fries at any of the American fast food chains for only 8,000L.L. If we are paying for the idea, I accept.





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