March 09, 2015 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Breakfast from Zaatar w Zeit: Fast and Effective Takeaway
Non-smokers friendly
Take Away Quick Eats

Phone Number: +961 1 211711

Address: Sodeco, Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon


Price Range: 10-15 $

I always ask myself, why is it that only international chains have drive-thru service? Haven't you dreamt of a nice fluffy Mankouché with Zaatar and labneh to grab on your way? How about a fresh, crunchy croissant from your favorite pastry shop? Imagine enjoying  all that without having to stop the car, enter the restaurant and wait to be served... Life would be much easier...


Anyway, like most weeks, I woke up craving breakfast from Zaatar W Zeit. I'm in love with their fluffy, sundried tomato bread, I adore their Halloumi cheese and bacon creation and their light Zaatar, which cannot be missed.

I always wished that ZwZ offers a Drive Thru service, or maybe be able to make a call, order your favorite mankoushi and pick them up without having to stop the car. ZwZ does have a service which resembles something like that but not quiet... 

Today's take away issues:

  • Why should we have to enter the restaurant for a take away?
  • Why should we walk alongside the other customers before reaching to pick up the order. We're not searching for friends. 

ZwZ is a big entity, a huge restaurant on the Zalka highway that's a bit much to walk into just to pick up a paper bag. As you approach the door, a waiter runs to offer you a table; you feel embarrassed while walking to the counter.

They created a new design, a new place, new menus and a new decor, why not have a delivery window to allow for quick food pick-up? ANyway, it's worth stopping for pickup.


Here's what I suggest: "The new approach to ordering take away from ZwZ":

  1. Call five minutes in advance.
  2. Place your order and take a number from the operator.
  3. Reach the shop and give the number to the valet parking.
  4. The order will be delivered to your car.
  5. Eat and enjoy.

Anyway, back to my order. Driving down from Metn area, I ordered breakfast from Zaatar w Zeit, Zalka (70 330 020). I ordered the sundried tomato bread, one light Zaatar and one with their thin dough, as well as their homemade laban. Seven minutes and the order was ready. I left the car with the valet service and went down for my pick-up.

Yes, I know, ZwZ has become expensive and can't be enjoyed on a daily basis. But one can't deny how tasty and professional this place is... I gladly enjoy a Halloum with Bacon, with its fresh tomatoes and mayonnaise. Once a week, it's a dream sandwich. 


  • Halloumi in thin dough: Served hot, the dough is so tender, stuffed with warm shredded Halloumi alongside fresh tomatoes for this watery feel, tender black olives to add a hint of acidity and cucumbers for the crunchiness. Simple, yet a great experience. I love it.
  • The white dough is exceptional but wait until you've tasted the brown, whole wheat one. The Zaatar light or oil-free Zaatar really is a piece of art. A warm, soft airy dough filled with a strongly acidic Zaatar alongside a mix of vegetables; tomato, cucumbers, purslane, rocket leaves and mint. That's the breakfast of choice for a light start.
  • Best for last, labneh with vegetables in their unique sundried tomato bread. A dough like no other, simply filled with a flavorful Labneh and crunchy, fresh vegetables. I didn't appreciate the garlic I believe is in the olive tapenade, its smell is too strong and repulsive for an early morning bite... Everyone bakes manakish and Saj in the country but ZwZ has a special way of doing it, maybe justifying their higher prices.
  • A good, hefty meal needs a drink and what else is better than the famous Laban Ayran? Zaatar w Zeit has it homemade and served in a plastic bottle. Laban, salt and water. It's a light version - without it being acidic and lemony - of the commercial Ayran we know. I'm a fan!

You don't have to stop over or plan a full-on breakfast, your ultimate Lebanese wraps can be ready just a phone call away.  Recommended for sure!

Suitable For: Take Away Quick Eats





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