May 04, 2014 Lebanon Middle East

Rediscover Lebanon: Lebanese Families Invite you into their Homes

When discovering a new country, one can hardly expect to get a full sense of the place without meeting its inhabitants. By opening their doors to you, and showing you the kind of hospitality they would show to friends who have traveled a long distance to see them, the Lebanese people of Beirut and of the different Lebanese regions share with you bits of their identity, their history, their traditions and their daily lives by inviting you into their homes.

L'Hote Libanais website

Lately, I have discovered an interesting website,  something innovative which will help travelers and tourists alike. Here's a new and exciting way to explore Beirut and beyond. Lebanese families, famed for their hospitality, invite you into their homes, where you'll sleep, eat and generally be made to feel like part of the family. It's an absolutely unique way to experience the country, and get a glimpse into the life of the real Beirut.

Made famous by a TV show on French television, TF1 "Bienvenue Chez Nous", The Maisons D'Hotes are gaining popularity all around the world and Lebanon is by all means no exception. Travelers want to pay less and discover more of a country they're visiting.

The core mission of L'Hote Libanais is to offer you a profoundly human experience, far removed from any standardized “deal”

L'Hote Libanais

Both the homes and the hosts have been hand-picked to ensure that guests experience some of the most beautiful homes combined with Lebanese hospitality. Many of the hosts are from creative backgrounds, which is evident in the balance the strike between tasteful styling and homeliness.

So it's summer time and Lebanon this season (and every season) is amazing... if you're a local willing to rediscover your country or a tourist seeking a personalized homy stay, check out the choices of accommodation on L'Hote Libanais website.

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