March 16, 2013

Restaurant Meets Design: Zona Restaurant&Wine Bar, Budapest

ZONA was designed by interior stylist Heni Kiss and POS1T1ON has several special touches, but one very clever aspect of ZONA's design is that it simultaneously combines and separates the two functionally different areas - the restaurant and wine bar - by dividing a single space into two clearly distinct areas, both in terms of materials used and atmosphere.


The city's newest wine bistro, enriching the Baldaszti group since October 2012, waiting for its guests not far away from the Buda side of the Chain Bridge. The name expresses two peculiarities: the exciting inner space and the character of the dishes served up, which are offered in so-called zone portions.


It means a smaller serving than the normal one, a Hungarian tradition from the socialism. ZONA’s chef is Krisztián Huszár, the best chef of the year, who in addition to the modern Hungarian tastes brings Eastern and Basque flavors into his kitchen.


Brigitta Balatoni, who was elected the best pastry chef of the year, prepares the desserts. The wines also receive a big emphasis in the bistro, which gives real specialty to the venue.

Budapest’s unique wine bistro is waiting for you only some steps far from Clark Adam square with special, daily menu and wine list including more hundred items.

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