February 17, 2016

Rue Chocolat: A Mouthwatering Chocolate

It's a box, that's your first impression before laying your eyes on the content. A carton-like box, it opens like a drawer after removing a black ribbon to display eight different types of chocolate.


Dark, liquor, walnut, cornflakes, nuts and chocolate chips... I enjoyed them all.

Believe me, it's not easy to create chocolate and I'm rarely impressed. Some are tender, others buttery, too sweet or badly textured, and there are few local choices that impress. Rue Chocolat is my latest discovery and it's one of the good ones.

A clean box, clean chocolates with no white stripes or broken corners. Well preserved and set with class and finesse. 

I jumped into tasting one of each. The caramel heart is delicious, the crunchy cornflakes, the butter chocolate is lovely, the dark chocolate filled rectangle is exactly what I expected and the liquor is light and brings out the chocolate flavor and not the alcohol inside. Try the walnut shaped chocolate with half a walnut on top.

Rue Chocolat has made it onto my Top10 chocolate shops in Lebanon for sure. Try it for yourself.

Rue Chocolat, Adma, Sayamer Center, +96170181609





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