August 13, 2015 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Mrs.M: The Taste of Happiness

A beautiful pink bag with a box inside made it to my clinic. It's heavy... and looks like a gift for kids... I was so excited to open it.


The box is stacked with cookies, dozens of them separated in distinct columns. I remembered... I was walking at Souk el Akel in Broummana when a friend told me about a surprise she's sending me on Monday. This is it, more than a surprise... A simple pleasure.

I started with the chocolate cookie, the lemon followed, the oats, double chocolate, milk, chocolate chips... 12 different flavors, three of each just waiting to be devoured.


  • Let's start by the way it looks. A mouth watering site... A beautifully well designed box, with fresh cookies. Professionalism...
  • 12 different choices in one box, a perfect gift.
  • Adequately sized, the cookies can be enjoyed in two bites.
  • They taste heavenly... Passion enjoyed in each bite...



  • Unbelievably tasty, non oily, not sweet, not hard, not bulky.
  • Extremely tender and well textured, adequately sweet and beautifully crafted, I couldn't get enough of these cookies.
  • Impressive! Some have chocolate chips, some included melted Nutella, others crunchy bits of white chocolate or nuts.
  • Wait until you've tried the newly created basil cookie.

I don't know how to express myself but I was impressed. I immediately called Mrs. Maalouf for a two additional kilograms of cookies for home.

Driven, inspired and motivated by her children, Mrs. M is giving you a taste of her own happiness and it shows.

The birthday arrived and four boxes made it to the office. A box of brownies, a box of lemon cake, a kilogram of cookies, a bag of shortbread cookies and a special box Mrs. Maalouf said is not for my kids but for me. I couldn't but open this box, at work, dig in...

Inside this special box are round shaped pieces of madness, beautifully designed and decorated cakes that look like doughnuts. Oh my God! I literally screamed from shock! A strong flavor of rum exploded under my teeth like a slap on my face, a strongly and richly juicy cake that melts under the teeth in style... A dream. I had never ever imagined someone would create something that good... Today I have found my recommendation for the best homemade bakery in this country.


Back home, I continued by tasting the brownies. A box with square cut brownies half of them chocolate and the other half caramel, juicy but firm with a light crispy top brownies richly flavorful and beat in sweetness. Their yummy!

With that, the fragile cookies. Round cookies I broke with my hands to enjoy their sound and finesse. Light colored cookies, shortbread cookies or if I may, a sophisticated high-end version of the oriental ghraybeh. A cookie that's light and airy, flaky and majestic. Looking at my wife I screamed: "Is this real?"

You might think I'm exaggerating... So call Mrs.Maalouf cause her creations are beyond being real.

Mrs.M  +961-3-328 528 | Rabieh, 11th street. | Allée des fleurs, Bldg 23






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