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Shawarmanji Elissar: Pomegranate, Coleslaw, Caramelized Onions (Restaurant Closed)

I live in Metn area and I always have friends over. We often order food from in El Beik, Sanyour, Pizza Hut and Roadster... But we all got bored of the same food over and over again... Now there's something new in the area - Shawarmanji in Metn. As a big fan of NGNO, I'm excited to share my first experience at Shawarmanji with your readers...


A while ago, I read about this new food concept that's taking the country by storm - yes, you got it, Shawarmanji. 

And as for making Shawarmanji the next fast food chain to storm the globe? “Oh yeah! The efforts, investment and research we are putting behind this innovative product are an embodiment of our ambitions. We are certainly dreaming big and working hard to be a living proof that our food culture is one of the best in the world and can be appreciated globally!” 

Ya, ya I thought, here we go again, just another "McDonald's wanna be"...


But as time passed,  I stood corrected. Shawarmanji has opened in almost every corner in the country and just recently one opened near my house in Elyssar. They truly worked on a concept thoroughly, approaching the concept of Shawarma in a whole new way...


Don't think I am some snob, but I have not had a shawarma in ages. I try avoiding local small places, where I am sure that good shawarma are prepared. But now a days I worry that maybe the quality of meat they use is not good, or maybe they have left the meat in a fridge with no electricity all night... a million things... I know what you're thinking, but it's true.


More shocking part is that I have never tried Shawarmanji before. I thought, enough, the fact it opened near my house is a sign that I should go and try it... I invited some friends over for dinner and ordered some food from Shawarmanji, which I picked up (since the delivery system has not started yet). I called them, Joyce answers. Such a sweet person, full of life and excited to take the order:

  • FriesManji
  • RollerManji Beef
  • RollerManji Chicken
  • Original Hommos
  • ChickenManji Platter
  • MixedManji Platter
  • ShakerManji Beef
  • ShakerManji Chicken


Joyce explained the choices and possibilities of what they offer, suggesting we try the Sambousik and Hommos with chicken or meat... I appreciated her initiative... In 15 minutes the order was done, I drove up to pick it up and I couldn't help but notice how clean the place is.  The place was packed and the staff was working fast to cater to customers eating at the restaurant, as well as cater to those who are coming to pick up their orders. I put a face to the voice of Joyce who took my order. Just as I had imagined, smiling and friendly. I paid and left... My friends were impressed to say the least...

photo 2

  • The packaging and presentation are both amazing to start with
  • The portions are very generous and the food is tasty
  • I fell in love with the little dips containers that look like tear drops containing a variety of sauces and dips that complement each of our orders
  • Each platter comes with fries
  • The platters are tasty but chicken can be less dry
  • The FriesManji are to die for - the seasoning, the crunchiness, the taste... uff...
  • The ShakerManji is what I will be ordering often, great since I 'try' to be on a no carbs diet. The packaging is great, easy to carry and eat directly from
  • The RollerManji's are yum, both chicken and beef. Very generously filled

I was a bit disappointed though that I didn't get the chance to try any of the desserts since they ran out. It was 8:30pm, Why?


Another thing I would suggest is that you change the platter pictures on the menu available on your website. The platter looks bigger and filled with fries and vegetables. It's actually smaller. I am not saying it's not generous but still the images show something and you get something else... All in all, I loved the food and I am happy to have something new and tasty in the Metn area. Keep it up!

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