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Sorry I lied... I Don't Recommend Cappuccino Anymore (Restaurant Closed)
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A couple of weeks ago, I published two reviews about Cappuccino Grand Cafe Antelias, describing it as one of my favorite spots in the region for its professionalism, high end food, premium service and most importantly their wise choice of not proposing Shisha to their clients like the other places around them.But of course I knew it was too good to be true... I felt it coming... Cappuccino now offers shisha.... Does the International Spanish franchise know about this disastrous decision?


On the Antelias strip of Arguile restaurants, we needed a place that is neutral. A fine cafe where we can spend some time enjoying clean air, while organizing business meetings or a simple friendly gathering without the smell of burning fumes... 

And I quote: "Finally a dream come true! A shisha-free classy cafe on the Antelias restaurants strip? Am I seeing right…? And the best part is that it’s not just any cafe, but a decent one that’s unique and handled by a professional management, where customers can enjoy good tasty food and coffee, served by a well trained staff. A breath of fresh air for me! This is a story of the past...

This week, Cappuccino decided to become a shisha joint, all in hope of gaining new clients but at the cost of losing many others. What was once considered the main competitor of The Mandaloun Cafe, the classiest around the area has now become the main  competitor of The Grand Cafe.

Updating and reformulating my previous article: 

Going out for a coffee or a quick bite around the Metn region has become impossible. Only one decent place welcomes guests in an shisha-free ambiance and that is Mandaloun Cafe and now I can add Cappuccino Cafe to the short list. Finally! And I hope it stays this way.


Cappuccino: Antelias’ Finest Cafe is a Must Try

I would say: Cappuccino: Just Another One of Antelias' New Arguile Joints  I will no longer go there to be honest, although I will miss their great sushi and surely one of Lebanon's best Club Sandwiches:

Cappuccino Grand Cafe: Indulge in a Tasty Club Sandwich

And I quote again: Just know that the day you think of offering shisha to your guests, will be the day the closing down countdown!

Good Luck...

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