July 14, 2018 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Shinto: Enjoyable Sushi Delivery in Hazmieh
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I like it! I like the packaging, the simple and non-complicated flavors, the fresh salad, the crunchy crisps, the seafood quality and delivery service. Craving sushi for lunch, I ordered Shinto! I really enjoyed the small-sized carton box with four rows of good looking sushi made of fresh fish and tasty rice. Non-sweet and non-chewy, the rice acts as a support to good quality seafood. I loved the salmon, the tuna and the light touch of sauces adding the needed flavors to every roll.


With that, I had the crispy salmon salad: big sized cubes of salmon embraced with crisps served in a plastic container. A little bit of sauce, keeping the importance for the salmon. And again, the salmon quality is excellent.


Casual Sushi, nicely delivered home, try Shinto.

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