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Sifawy Boutique Hotel, Oman: A Relaxing Stay by the Sea

Our tour in Oman continues with a stop by the sea, at Sifawy Boutique Hotel. A beautiful resort over viewing the beautiful waves... You will find a Marina, different kinds of rooms, apartments and villas. The hotel also hosts a selection of restaurants.


The Sifawy Boutique Hotel offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, reflecting the hospitable nature of the Omani people. The Sifawy Boutique Hotel is in the Sultanate of Oman, only 45 minutes drive from the capital city Muscat. Sifawy, meaning those “From Sifah”, is located within the world-class Jebel Sifah Resort, and offers a contemporary blend of European design with a strong essence of traditional Omani influence; both in the concept and service.

Fine restaurants, a typical yet upscale decor, a certain touch of luxury set around many buildings making the space relaxing and wide. We arrived at 6pm, checked in the two bedroom apartment and went directly to dinner. A wide apartment hosts a kitchen, a master bedroom, a double bed room, a dining table, a big living room and two bathrooms.

I had dinner at Al Sabla a term used to describe the social centre of an Omani village. The all-day dining restaurant offers a unique blend of international and regional flavours, also reflected in the design and interior. The restaurant serves a buffet breakfast and dinner, culinary creations from all around the world (Omani fish kabsa, Camel bun, Oriental Mixed grill, Butter chicken, Fresh pastas, Homemade pizzas, Australian ribeye steak, Mango Konafa and others.


The hot selection: Batter fried fish, herb roasted potato, eggplant moussaka, roasted lamb, vegetable jalfrezy and chicken Thai green curry. Two kinds of soups, a selection of bread, the oriental salad bar, freshly cut vegetables, pre-prepared salads, bites, boiled eggs, sauces and oils and a live station of meat and pasta. Another buffet displays desserts and fruits. Everything looks neat, appetizing and smells good.

Good food... I enjoyed the special edition of Eggplant Moussaka, the meat filet, tagliatelle pomodoro, some of the salads, chicken curry, steamed rice and diced herbs potatoes.

Desserts were dramatically bad! The dessert chef needs to be changed ASAP.

After a long and relaxing night's sleep, a soft bed and smooth pillows, I woke up to an enjoyable shower and headed straight down for breakfast served at the other side of the Marina where dinner was served.

Eggs and waffle live cooking station, pancakes and a load of choices. Labneh, cheese, fruits, yogurt, hot dishes and everything a five stars hotel should be proposing.

I enjoyed my stay, the beautiful sunrise, the relaxing night and good food. Check out the photo gallery for more.





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