March 02, 2016 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Smokey's BBQ: Awesome Smoked Meat I Recommend! (Restaurant Closed)

Phone Number: +961 1 265 440

Address: Municipality street, Burj Hammoud, Metn, Lebanon ( 12PM - 11PM)


Price Range: 5-20 $


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 7/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 28/30

Architecture / Interior: 7/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 7/10

Value for money: 10/10

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Sometimes you find great food in the least expected places. In Burj Hammoud where I spotted Burger Bar a couple years back is a place called Smokey's. Smokey's BBQ has its own smoker that prepares beef, chicken and pork for long hours using cherry wood. Every item is special and the prices are very low for their content.


Smoked chicken sandwiches with fried eggs, Tennessee sauce and pickles. Rib eye beef with horseradish or bourbon, smoked pork with Swiss cheese and jack Daniels whisky, burgers with interesting combinations as well as salads and cold cuts.


It's a small place on the street, a small open kitchen that serves awesome food! Tonight I was enchanted.

  • The little pigs sandwich LBP10,000: A signature sandwich of slices of pork, crispy bacon, chorizo, Swiss cheese, homemade chili sauce, roquette and pickles. It's the homemade chili sauce that makes all the difference. A hit of spiciness, tender pork meat and a light faded sweetness. I loved the bread, loved the mix, loved the after note. It is different like no sandwich I've had before.


  • Trucker's sandwich LBP8,500: A heavy hearted sandwich of tender slices of smoked beef tossed with crispy bacon and bourbon BBQ sauce served with pickles and onions. A super thin sandwich that crunches lightly under your teeth filled with a cocktail of ingredients and a punch of sweetness. Tender beef, smokey aromas, BBQ sauce and the pickles. I loved it.


  • Smokey' club sandwich LBP10,000: The hunger buster sandwich of layered smoked chicken and smoked pulled pork in three slices of toast with fried egg, Tennessee sauce, lettuce, tomato and pickles. Oh my lord! Of my god! A wow, redefined amazement, an awesome sandwich like I have never had in my life! Three layers of tender bread stuffed with endless  juicy ingredients, a fried egg that makes all the difference, chicken and pulled pork all together to make you drool. I smiled, I laughed, I was enchanted. Strongly recommended!


  • Pork ribs LBP10,000: I would pay 30,000 for these ribs! They are amazing! The most tender, juiciest and tastiest ribs I've had in Lebanon to date. They look dark and they taste like heaven! It's a must try and surely part of any top ten list I'm combining for next year.


Prices are amazing!

Awesome, simply awesome. This place is a must try, the sandwiches and smoking quality are outstanding... Enough said... Drooling yet?





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