February 24, 2016 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

SO Achrafieh: The Classy Sushi Delivery
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Phone Number: +961-1-336644

Address: Achrafieh, St. Nicolas Street, Quantum tower, Beirut, Lebanon ( 12PM - 12AM)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Sô-Beirut-437759769615055

Price Range: 50-80 $

I'm a fan of SO, I love it when Jimmy is behind the sushi bar, a restaurant I visit every now and then to enjoy fresh food in a casual ambiance we've been used to for the last decade or so. I didn't know they have a delivery service and I'm glad I tried it.


We were invited to a friend's place in Achrafieh and they ordered from SO. The same menu they have at their restaurant is available for delivery, that big A3 paper I believe everyone knows.


The first impression:

  • The most beautiful delivery bags I've ever seen, superb for their simplicity and class. Simply white, nothing else, and I loved it. I'm sure you know the place's name when you decide to order food, so why do you need branding? White, classy and stylish. That's finesse!
  • The plastic food boxes are so professional, covered with a nylon top sealed by a machine, I've never seen those boxes before at a sushi restaurant normally they use nylon wrapping used for sandwiches.
  • The tray is also covered with a transparent, thick plastic top, no nylon wrapping is used. A neat and clean tray box keeping the food fresh while looking good.
  • The third and final impression is that they don't use the ugly plastic leaves you find in lower quality sushi places.
  • Now for the food. As good as it is for dine-in. The Maki rolls; I had them all without soy sauce and I loved them. A very good quality especially for ones delivered out of the restaurant. Adequately sized, covered with fresh crisps and using fresh premium quality smoked salmon.
  • Good quality sashimi, in fact very good quality sashimi. The salmon and tuna are awesome.
  • Sushi - rice topped with fish; I'm not a big fan of sushi, but those are really good. Firm rice topped with fresh salmon shining from its fat and oil. 
  • Now for the salads: Crab salad made of shredded crab and sliced avocados. Knowing that crab has many qualities, SO clearly uses a good one. A bit of mayo for the flavor and to provide a good taste.
  • The spicy salmon is made of salmon cubes. An amazing and tasty sauce, a light spiciness and a fresh lemony flavor.
  • The shrimp salad was my least favorite dish, it has too much cabbage, but one can't deny it has an interesting taste.

Everything is special about SO's delivery and I'm sure I'll be repeating the experience.

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