July 09, 2017 Lebanon Middle East

SOUK EL AKEL: An Exciting Summer Ahead, Mark Your Calendars
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Souk el Akel celebrates the big return of Lebanon this Summer!


  • 9 until the 18th of June: Celebrating Ramadan in Tripoli
  • 23-24-25th of June: Launching the summer season at The field, Wata el Joz
  • 29-30 June, 1-2nd of July: The Beach Party in Chekka
  • 6-7-8-9th of July: The Circus Edition at Kolay3at, Keserwan
  • 13-14-15-16th of July: Tannourine International Festival
  • 20-21-22-23rd of July: The 2nd Tannourine Summit Rush, Extreme Souk el Akel
  • 27-28-29-30th of July: The Famous Souk el Akel of Broumana
  • 3-4-5-6th of August: Faraya on The Beach
  • 10-11-12-13th of August: Ta7et el Ri7, Anfeh
  • 16-17 August: Oumsiyat Zahle
  • 17-18-19-20th of August: Ballouneh, Keserwan
  • 24 of August till the 2nd of September: Beirut's Biggest Event on the Waterfront
  • 8-9-10th of September: Tabarja
  • 15-16-17th September: Zaarour Club
  • 6-7-8th of Oct: Spinney's Hazmieh, The Back to School Edition
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