August 22, 2016

Souk el Akel: Celebrating Aley, Bride of the Mountains

This week, Souk el Akel will be taking over the city of Aley. Here's a chance to come enjoy Lebanon's beautiful mountain city while enjoying a good time with friends, nature and definately food. Souk El Akel is a celebration of food presenting Lebanon’s vibrant culinary world of foods including Lebanese, Middle Eastern and International bites. 


  • Souk El Akel | Lebanon’s Street Food Market DIVERSITY | CREATIVITY | TRADITION
  • Thursday 25th, Friday 26th, Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th August.
  • Open 5pm | Close 11pm 
  • Aley city main street

Sample signature bites from a selection of nearly 30 food vendors from food artisans, world-renowned Lebanese classics to celebrity chefs and pop-ups, and street inspired dishes from Lebanon’s famous restaurants! Designed as a public market space, chefs and producers from various parts of Lebanon will be serving an array of quality meals – on the go! In this market, you'll find tasty bites by food artists from Faraya, Zghorta, Metn, Kesserwan, South Lebanon, Bekaa and many other places, where each will be providing their best offerings.

This is an opportunity to do a little good and to help make this amazing city, bride of the mountain, a little better. We hope that you will join us in enjoying fantastic food while having a great time, knowing you'll be supporting the local community.

Souk el Akel will be transforming Aley's main street into a haven for foodies.

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