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Souk el Akel in Tripoli: Celebrating End-Of-Year Festivities

Christmas 2016 in Lebanon is on fire... in literally every corner of the country. Join the end of the year festivities in Tripoli and have lots of fun, listen to music, dance to live concerts, ice skate gracefully, and fill your tummies with the best Souk el Akel has to offer...including kids activities... and so much more it's endless... Read below to know more about what to expect at Rachid Karameh International Fair, Tripoli between December 15 and 22.

  • When: 15-22 December 2016
  • Where: Rachid Karameh International Fair, Tripoli
  • Time: 03pm-10pm

Better together Tripoli

Souk el Akel makes it to Tripoli... This is what you can expect this December:

  • One of the most beautiful 3 dimensional Christmas trees.
  • 30 Food stands
  • Christmas village décor, with more than 50 stands for exhibitors from different fields: fashion designers, jewellery and accessories, diet centers, home decor, antiques...and associations and social institutions
  • Arts and crafts workshops.
  • Musical concerts with international artists (Alessandro Safina, Guy Manoukian, Joseph Attieh, Melhem Zein, Georges Nehme)
  • Visit of the football player Roberto Carlos to the town to meet his fans.
  • Kids' area entertainment.
  • Gift distribution to more than 2000 orphans and deprived kids.

Better together Tipoli

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