February 24, 2014 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Tribute to Italian Opera: Celebrating Luciano Pavarotti at Music Hall

Aqua Panna and S.Pellegrino are two brands I appreciate a lot. A tribute to Luciano Pavarotti took place recently in Lebanon's Music Hall as S.Pellegrino pays homage to the unforgettable Maestro Luciano Pavarotti with a Limited Edition bottle dedicated to him and to the magnificence of Italian Opera.
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Guests were welcomed at 08:30pm around some drinks along with my two favorite water drinks. Afterwards, the manager of Aqua Panna Lebanon took the floor to welcome guests and introduce the brand's vision. Promoting Italian talents and creating a synergy between Italian brands, San Pellegrino sheds light on Italy as well as the brand's special edition collaboration with Missoni,  followed by Bulgari and now the famous Pavarotti.
“This Limited Edition bottle represents a new and important landmark in the Italian Talents project, which S.Pellegrino launched in 2010,” says Luca Chioda, representative of S.Pellegrino of Beirut. “It is an honour for us to be able to celebrate Italian culture in Beirut, along with the strong, positive image of Italy that S.Pellegrino and AcquaPanna represent. ”
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The exclusive Special Edition “S.Pellegrino celebrates Luciano Pavarotti” will temporarily replace the standard S.Pellegrino bottle in the most refined restaurants around the world for a grand total of 40 million bottles.
Enjoying the Italian show of the Music Hall we activated all our taste buds to appreciate the Italian food served that night.
During his career, the Maestro was invited to sing in the most important theaters in the world, in addition to giving spectacular open-air concerts and celebratory shows. Today, his name and influence live on through the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation, which was founded by his wife, Nicoletta Mantovani, after the Maestro’s passing. The Foundation operates with the double goal of keeping his memory alive and of supporting talented emerging singers who are keen to take their very first steps onto the opera scene. It is this passion for talent scouting that the Pavarotti name continues to share with S.Pellegrino: just as the Maestro always paid close attention to young auditioning singers and took care to give singing lessons to deserving students, S.Pellegrino has always supported aspiring young chefs in the fine dining world.
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The menu:
  • Carpaccio de tomates confites, breaded mozzarella, grilled Zuzhini, wild rocca in balsamic dressing
  • Vino Bianco Delle Venezie, Pinot Grigio
  • Acqua Panna caressingly smooth
  • Veal cutlet al lemone, tomTo pizza, risotto ball with meunière sauce
  • Vino rosso Linteo, nero d'avola
  • S. Pellegrino pleasamtly sparkling
  • Lime sorbet with Limincello
  • Vino Bianco Delle Venezie, Pinot Grigio
  • Acqua Panna caressingly smooth
Pav (211)
Let's eat:
  • On a bed of grilled zucchini along thin sliced tomatoes is a large piece of breaded mozzarella laying majestically on fresh rocket leaves. Interesting flavors of lemon, olive oil, balsamic vinegar coupled with softness and crunchiness. Even though it would have been better served warmer, I enjoyed this plate's taste and generosity. When you think that the experience is done, a crunching Parmesan chips adds the needed finesse.
Tribute_Italian_Opera_Luciano _Pavarotti_Aqua_Panna_San_Pellegrino25
  • The meat and sauce were amazing but unfortunately it stops here. The tomato pizza is too salty and the risotto ball was too sticky. The meat is unique of its kind; I rarely eat something that tender and soft. Marinated with a superb lemon sauce, I enjoyed it to the max,  avoiding the tomato pizza and the risotto ball. It could have been perfect...
Tribute_Italian_Opera_Luciano _Pavarotti_Aqua_Panna_San_Pellegrino28
  • Limoncello Sorbet: As good as it should be, fresh and tasty
Tribute_Italian_Opera_Luciano _Pavarotti_Aqua_Panna_San_Pellegrino35
An enjoyable evening to say the least - good food and amazing entertainment as always with Music Hall's unique bands. I also got the chance to check out their new look.  These limited edition bottles were launched last April in Europe and have finally landed in Lebanon. Enjoy their refined style.
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