July 25, 2015 New York USA Americas

Spot Dessert Shoppe: The Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake
Non-smokers friendly

A new spin on sweets: This is Spot, a dessert bar like no other that's home to a whole new world of taste. Here, traditional confections are reimagined and spiked with a healthy dose of Asian flare. Thanks to unique ingredients like green tea, kabocha, yuzu and more, the desserts pack innovative flavors and unexpected benefits in every bite.


A shop offering only five items is a challenge. 

Chocolate green tea lava cake: Warm dark chocolate cake filled with green tea ganache served with green tea ice cream: A molten chocolate fondant with a green tea ganache, a river of flowing green and black madness, topped with green tea powder and decorated with crispy chocolate biscuit balls. On the side is a big scoop of green tea ice cream supported with crumbs, lightly salty crumbs. A piece of cake, some ice cream, add crumbs and enjoy a delicious mouthwatering bite of dessert, created with finesse and simplicity at the same time.


Spot Dessert Shoppe is one of those new ideas with potential. Be the first to try it.


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