February 07, 2015

Start Spinning - Party Time Cotton Candy Machine

Ariete Party Time Cotton Candy machine with 50's style retro design is surely something to own, especially if you have little ones at home.


Party Time Cotton Candy machine works with both granulated sugar and candies for a quick cone of cotton candy in many different flavors.

Available at Khoury Home, each box comes with two plastic cones and measuring spoon. Party Time Cotton Candy machine costs LBP132,660 with one year warranty.


Easy to clean and removable. Power: 450 Watt. Since it comprises mostly air, a small initial quantity of sugar generates a tremendously greater final volume, causing servings to be physically large and voluminous.


Spin your favorite sugar or sugar free hard candy into delicious cotton candy at home with this cotton candy maker.

Categories: Appliances


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