November 28, 2014

Launching the Appliances Section on NGNO

For the launch of our Kitchen Appliances section, I was invited by the management of Khoury Home to discover the details hidden behind their large facade in Dora, this storefront covered with lit logos and brands.


When I used to think of Khoury Home, in my mind the place sold home appliances for the masses. Today, I discovered a room containing sound systems, kitchen gadgets and utensils, as well as a home products and a kitchen corner.

Give your car to the valet and here you are in front of one of Lebanon's biggest showrooms. Screens, fridges, kitchen appliances and technological goods take over the space.

As you enter, you will be overwhelmed by the technology heaven to the left filled with the latest tablets, Apple products, computers and smaller items like USBs and earphones. The "Design Go" stand grabbed my attention, as it was full of items you usually find at the airport shops.  

Skullcandy, the famous headphones brand, yep, it's here as well Beats by Dr. Dre.

I walked over to that side and continued around the premises. Around the corner are the printers, most of them are mainly Canon and Samsung until you reach the part that interests me most on a personal level: professional sound systems and DJ equipment. To the left of this corridor is the Bose room and to the right is the auditorium for sound professionals and DJs.

I was engrossed by my phone when a strong light obliged me to look up: boom! A splash of light and colors overwhelms your senses as you reach the biggest area of the shop, filled with screens of all sizes, TVs, LCDs, LEDs, plasmas and curved screens. Samsung takes up the left side, LG the right side, while Hisense occupies a corner on the left. Sony, Sharp and Toshiba are also represented.

On a professional level, kitchens are my heaven and fridges are what I enjoy checking out. Did you know that Liebherr has amazing fridges -I was planning to buy one for home- or that Fisher&Paykel have a $4,000 unit that's breathtaking? Furnaces, gas units, free standing ovens, fridges and washing machines are all set in the atrium, a space with a high ceiling in the heart of the shop. 

Smeg, one of my favorite brands is here as well. I've already bought one for the clinic, a British flag which I simply adore. It's always at level 1 out of 4 and it’s already so cold, like you can't imagine. That made me believe that Smeg is not only a design brand but that it also offers premium Italian quality. Did you see their Lebanese flag fridge? 


Good to know:

  • Hot offers are highlighted in yellow
  • The last piece in stock is also highlighted
  • Their exclusive are special deals only found at Khoury Home
  • Every brand has a stand-alone display in its category

The sections I was not aware of:

  • Industrial products, fridges and washing machines
  • A joint venture with BHV for all the home decor items, linen and kitchen utensils
  • Kefraya outdoor tables and chairs produced from old wine barrels


Now if you decided to take the right side of the shop, BHV occupies almost a third of the space starting on the lower floor up to the second floor. I think you understand what BHV sells, and it’s a plus, meaning that Khoury Home has become the ultimate solution if you’re fitting out a new home; known for selling only home appliances, Khoury Home now helps you fill your house from A to Z. Cups, cutlery, glassware, bins ... everything is here. 

I went right, I went left, but what about the easiest route? Straight ahead. Facing the entrance is long corridor where all the specials and promotions are displayed. I started my walk straight to the mobile section. Twenty-five tablets and smartphones wait to be devoured by the eyes and hands. It's not a secret, I'll always be an iPhone fan and, yes, Khoury Home sells the iPhone 5s, 6 and 6+ at reasonable prices.

The camera section also deserves to be checked out. From the smallest to the bigger professional ones, you really should take a look.

Up on the first floor is the small home appliances section and it sits alongside the fitness section and the barbecues. Take a moment and enjoy the view from above, the best spot to choose your freestanding gas BBQ, or your favorite washing machine. This is where our Appliances section will be filled from.


My favorite item of all: The electric Saj maker specially designed for your kitchen. Yes, this is my favorite item: I never expected that I'd having my dream come true item in my kitchen. Saj was only for parties and village events with a large gas tank and a certain know how. I guess I'll be getting that for some wraps as well as markouk bread!

I think I have enough data to fill in my appliances section for a year or more. Until now, all my gadgets were linked to Amazon and eBay; from now on, I'll be diving into the markets of Lebanon for more choices closer to home.

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