January 05, 2015

Innovative: An Electrical Saj Markook Maker

Until today, enjoying a Saj bite wasn’t the easiest of things. We had to wait until invited to a party up the mountain or maybe find one at an event, simply because the Saj grill itself is large, heavy and needs gas.


Finally, something I found innovative is a Saj maker working on electricity. Yes, you’ve heard right, a Saj maker which uses electricity and ready to use. It’s excellent for making thin flat markook bread, markook sandwiches, and pita bread. A non-stick coating which is easy to clean.
The Saj maker which I already bought has become the weekend favorite ritual for my kids, awaiting to devour those fresh and crunchy manakish on sunday morning. Simple "plug & play”. Wait for it few minutes to heat up and start baking.
This Saj is available for only $95 at Khoury Home. Come on, get one and share with us your photos.
Categories: Appliances Manakish


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