February 09, 2016

Stepfeed: 25 Times NoGarlicNoOnions’ Posts Made you Want to Eat Your Fridge

Via Stepfeed by Leyal Khalife

If you’re a foodie in Lebanon or in the region, you’ve probably heard of NoGarlicNoOnions. He’s a foodie at heart and his Instagram feed more than reveals that. There’s something about his food posts that makes you want to open your fridge and devour every single thing in it. Here are 25 times NGNO did not fail to make you hungry:

1. Makanek

2. Grilled Halloumi

3. Hummus

4. Knefeh

5. Mano’oushe

6. Knefeh bi Ashta

7. Baba Ghannouj

8. Riz 3a Djej

9. Qatayef bi Ashta

10. Shawarma

11. Knefeh…again!

12. Freekeh

13. Maakroun

14. Arnabiyyeh

15. Baklawa

16. Kebbeh in Debs el Remen

17. Foul Medames

18. Some more Knefeh


19. & more…

20. & more!

21. Lahme Ba’ajeen

22. Falafel

And last but not least…


23. Raw meat

24. & more raw meat

25. This is just heaven on earth.

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