December 12, 2014

Stirr: Automatic Sauce Stirrer

Even if you think cooking is great fun, most people don’t really like standing at the stove for an hour and whisking that sauce experiment. Now here’s the solution: Stirr whisks automatically for you. Just put it in the pot, turn it on and go do something else! Maybe dessert?


This is the only device that automatically stirs sauces, leaving you free to prepare other parts of the meal. The device stands in a sauce on three stainless steel legs with silicone rubber feet and autonomously spins and revolves smoothly around the pan, mixing ingredients and infusing their flavors. A spatula on one of the feet rests flush against the bottom of the pan and mixes bits of food that would otherwise stick and burn. The battery-powered stirrer can be used in sauces up to 4" deep and has three speed settings to accommodate a light au jus sauce or thick gravy. The silicone feet allow use in non-stick cookware and are heat resistant up to 572º F. The removable legs are dishwasher safe. Includes four AA batteries that provide up to four hours of use.

Categories: Food Gadgets





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