July 18, 2014

Sublimotion: Technology Meets Gastronomy

Sublimotion, at Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza, created through two Michelin Star Chef Paco Roncero’s dreams in which culinary vanguard and technological innovation unite to create a complete and up to now unseen emotional experience. Today it is considered the most expensive restaurant around the world.
table-at-ibiza-restaurant-sublimotion The meal is priced at $2,590 and since its launch, Sublimotion has been attracting great foodies from all over the world. True to its name, Sublimotion gives you a unique experience. The ride in the lift to the dining hall in Sublimotion is as if you are heading deep down into the earth with ground rushing past you. It’s advanced systems allow the creation of chromatic atmospheres, the control of the temperature and humidity of the space and the aromatization of the ambiance under a musical sequence especially composed for the occasion. These tools create a unique experience that transcends gastronomy and offers an infinite scope of sensations.
Unexpected turns throughout a magical tasting menu will incite the guests most forgotten feelings. There will be time for humor, pleasure, fear, reflection and nostalgia. Guests will travel in a world of sensations from the North Pole, where they will taste a cold snack carved out by themselves from their own iceberg, to the baroque Versailles. where the subtlety and elegance of a rose will melt in their mouths Paco Roncero - awarded with two Michelin Stars, three Repsol Suns and the 2006 National Gastronomy Award – manages this way to conceive an exclusive space in which to experience, for those who get a chance to know it, the most intense emotions. I think the location, the overall technology, emotions... plays a huge role in its price.
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