January 19, 2016 Gemmayze & Mar Mikhael Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Subway Lebanon: A New Branch... Still Trying to Survive
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Subway has a new location in Lebanon. Its Mar Mikahel’s branch is beautiful, clean and looks very American. Serving their foot long popular fresh sandwiches, Subway is still trying to survive in Lebanon.


I have always enjoyed their sandwiches but I'm not sure if the country will give them the chance they deserve. Kudos to their continuous efforts especially in a country where competition is high...

Last week I watched an episode on French television on how the world's biggest franchise is the least profitable as a franchisee, with royalty fees going up to 12% and sometime with bad support from the original mother company. This explains maybe why the local franchise has been handed from one company to another several times since they first opened years ago.

I've been a Subway customer when they first opened on Zalka highway. After writing a review on their latest opening in Achrafieh, I am now having lunch at their Mar Mikhael’s branch. Next to Classic Burger Joint and facing Boudakian uniforms is this sandwicheria known for its famous 6inch or foot-long sandwiches. Steak and cheese is one of my favorites along side their chicken teriyaki, as well as their signature BLT.


On freshly baked bread, the employee asks you which ingredients you would like to add, followed by the vegetables selection and condiments. You can add chips, a cookie and soft drink to the order.

Sandwiches still have the same good taste but the staff needs to get better acquainted with the brand.

I’m a fan of Subway and make it a point to enjoy their sandwiches whenever I travel.


They are now open in Mar Mikhael and Sodeco with more branches to come.

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