April 16, 2019

Take A Step: Together We Can: The Lebanon We Want!

Each one of us has an important role to play in our community and a responsibility to counter daily challenges. Every single step that we take, no matter how small it is, can make a big difference. Together we can improve our community by taking action now.
It’s time to #TakeAStep ! #TheLebanonWeWant #SDGs #UNLebanon#Globalgoals

Goal 16: Anthony Rahayel is taking small steps to support peace, justice, and strong institutions, which will allow Lebanon to fulfill its democratic potential and remain a model of coexistence! Let’s follow in Anthony’s footsteps because together we can make a difference.

#TakeAStep #SDGs #UNLebanon #GlobalGoals #TheLebanonWeWant #Goal16

أنطوني رحيّل عم يعمل خطوات زغيرة لدعم السلام، والعدالة والمؤسسات القوية ليبقى #لبنان الديمقراطي ونموذج للتعايش. خلينا نمشي على خطى أنطوني لنقدر كلنا نعمل فرق.
#أنا_الفرق #لازم_تفرق_معنا

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