December 22, 2014

Tasting Homemade Quiches: Crunchy Borders and a Fresh Heart

Last week, I had breakfast at The Food Dealer. During the sumptuous early morning meal, I can across something that left a place on my taste buds... A quiche, that tasted heavenly... After doing some reserach I learned that a woman freshly bakes them at home.  


To my happy surprise, that same quiche landed in my office, homemade preparations by Sarah Chaoul.

Good to know:

  • The dough is 100% home made and all other ingredients are premium and carefully selected
  • You can order your quiches from Sarah directly or go down to the food dealer to try them
  • The small quiche sold at $6 each -call Sarah- are available in three different flavors or order the large size -35cm- for $30 


Available varieties:

  • "Wild zaatar" (this kind of zaatar is called zouba3) with white cheese.
  • “Quiche loraine a l’ancienne": (comté, swiss cheese and dijon mustard)
  • “Wild mushroom with truffle salt”:sauté mushroom with truffle salt and swiss cheese.


Served in an Aluminium pan, those round tarts offer a thick dough that's crunchy on the sides, firm in the bottom and filled with some tasty and well baked ingredients.

Loved the diced ham, the juicy mushrooms, the creamy filling and the richness of the cheese which keeps a nice aftertaste… What are you waiting for to order?


My all-time favorite is surely my wife's quiche Loraine, the asparagus quiche and caramelized onion quiche which are close to perfect in my opinion: the crunchy thick dough like a sablé and the juiciness of the filling. Today, I got the chance to discover some fine creations which are differently baked for retail sale but closely have the same taste. Personally, I'd make the filling thicker to be felt more than the dough and use less eggs to maintain a juicier less firm heart. Anyway, those quiches are surely recommended.


You can find the quiche at The Food Dealer, or call Sarah directly on +961-3-946174 for more details...

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