September 03, 2022

The Best Drinks for Waking You Up in the Morning

The right drink can set you up for a day of success. Read on to discover some of the best drinks for waking you up in the morning and starting your day!

When it comes to waking up in the morning, your beverage of choice can greatly impact your day. Whether you’re out traveling or in the comfort of your own home, having something to energize you is crucial. That said, there are more options for you to choose from than you may have initially thought. These are some of the best drinks for waking you up in the morning and preparing you for the day.

Hot and Cold Brew Coffees

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and, with its caffeine content, it’s no secret why. No matter the type of coffee you prefer, these mixtures jump-start the brain and stimulate the nervous system. The caffeine in coffee can practically guarantee you an energy boost! These drinks also taste rich and delicious enough to boost your mood and change your entire approach to the morning. Just make sure you experiment to find the perfect coffee for your tastes.

Green Tea

If you’re not a coffee person, don’t worry! There are still plenty of morning drink options for you to pick from. Teas, specifically green teas, are a fantastic morning beverage because they have enough caffeine to give you the boost you need—without the lunchtime jitters. This drink also has plenty of antioxidants that are good for your body, managing blood sugar, and leaving you feeling good. Adding some fresh lemon juice and honey to green tea makes for a sweet wake-up call that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Hot Water With Lemon

Drinking plain hot water might seem strange to some, but even this drink on its own can promote blood flow and give your brain the energy it needs to wake you up. Add a splash of lemon juice to create a refreshing, healthy beverage that gets the job done right. As with green tea, you can add a teaspoon of honey for a bit of sweetness if you’d like.

Fruity Smoothies

When you want strong flavors and a drink packed with vitamins and minerals, smoothies are another of the best drinks for waking you up in the morning. Depending on your blend of choice, you can get all manners of vitamins and antioxidants in a single glass. But for mornings specifically, stick to drinks rich in Vitamin C like strawberry banana, mixed berry, and mango smoothies.

The drink you pick to wake you up can significantly affect your day. Give these options a try or experiment with your own recipes—you might just find a new staple for your morning routine!

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