July 06, 2016

"The Box" of Ramadan: Special Edition (Product Discontinued)

Happy Ramadan everyone. By now you're hopefully enjoying some of the Box's unique treats delivered to you today. We seriously don't need a special occasion to make The BOX a real treat every month, but when there is one we all jump from joy... and cross that extra mile and even two to get you the best of what this country has to offer... You are receiving today the Ramadan special edition box...  100 Limited edition wooden boxes have been delivered to your doorsteps celebrating the end of the Holly month of Ramadan.

Inspired by Ramadan each Box includes more than 17 products carefully selected to tickle your taste buds. It's a perfect gift for Eid, for you or your loved ones...


The Wooden Box is made in Arsal:

Nestled on the foothills of the North Eastern Lebanese mountain range, Arsal is one of the largest border villages in the Bekaa valley with fascinating culinary traditions and crafts. The wooden box was crafted by locals. They also sent us homemade strawberry jam made in their hometome.

Pine Nuts from Jezzine and Zahrani Tel: 03-499225

J.Grove is part of the Jezzine and Zahrani development company (JAZ), an enterprise aimed at developing the social and rural sectors of the region. JAZ provides a combination of services and training to farmers such as the best cultivation, harvesting, and post harvesting practices in order to sustain and improve their production in terms of quality and quantity. Both of the brand and the mother company were founded by a group of individuals whose devotion, vision and expertise have led to the resurgence of the agricultural sector in the region of South Lebanon. Today, J.Grove offers two high-quality products, pine seeds and premium extra virgin olive, and more to come in the future. The olives used for J.Grove's extra virgin olive oil are hand-picked by local farmers from fields that are known to be one of the best in Lebanon for their exceptional soil and climate. The olives are cold-extracted afterwards in a state of art pressing facility as soon as they are picked to retain quality and freshness. J.Grove pine cones are harvested from the Bkassine forest, the largest and best preserved pine forest in Lebanon and the Middle East, where they are cleaned, sorted and packaged on demand in an advanced facility. 


Kaak Zaatar from Qana Cooperative Tel: 71-712315

Qana Cooperative, known as (Holy family cooperative) is a Lebanese Cooperative that was established in 2007 and the number of registered women was 11. Being located in the south, far from the capital, the cooperative is considered an important economic center which gives benefits the residents through the offered items and through giving income to the rural women. Its work consists of producing crochets, candles, accessories in addition to food related products such as catering and sweets for special occasions.


Semsmiyyeh and Raha Biscuits from Abou Naji Tel: 70-124093

Abou Naji was founded in 1972 in Qawzah. It offers wide range of nut based products and specializes in sesame sweets. They are always trying to improve their products to reach higher levels of quality and safety.


Handmade Olive Oil soap from Georges Ibrahim, Kfaraaka Tel: 06-952221

Georges Ibrahim is an olive oil soap manufacturer from Kfaraaka in north Lebanon. He uses traditional Lebanese soap manufacturing methods, without any artificial additives or colorants.


Roasted Wheat from Mheidthé Cooperative, Rachaya Tel: 70-561410

The famous Roasted wheat with salt are produced in Mheidthé cooperative, known as “NEJMET AL SOBOH” cooperative located in the Bekaa valley. The roasted wheat is produced exclusively by the cooperative and famous all around the country. It is a healthy and delicious alternative to roasted nut mixes. 


Cherry Jam, Chanklish and Mulberry Syrup by Kfarhelda Cooperative Tel: 03-134669

The Shanklish, Mulberry Syrup and Cherry Jam are produced in the Kfaherlda Cooperative, known as “Al Challal” cooperative located in Kfarhelda north Lebanon. The Cooperative is managed by rural women, they work on dairy products, fruit jams and syrups supporting their village. 


Apricot Jam and Apricot Syrup from Deir Al Ahmar Cooperative Tel: 03-116958

The delicious apricot jam and syrup come from Deir Al Ahmar,”JANA AL AYADI” Cooperative located in the Bekaa valley. The women of this cooperative use traditional Lebanese recipes and methods to provide the taste of Lebanese excellence while respecting and maintaining food safety and hygiene standards. 


Dried Fruits from Kfardebian Tel: 03-845257

The wonderful medley of flavors that come in a bag of dried fruits is produced at Kfardebian, Mount Lebanon, “AL ATAYEB” cooperative. The area is rich with fruit trees. They produce a wide range of dried fruits, jams and syrups while respecting the food safety and hygiene standards.


Makdoos from Rural Delights cooperative Tel: 03-335854

Established in 2002 as a nonprofit organization, Rural Delights (Atayeb Al Rif) cooperative acts as the hub of a large network of culinary, agriculture, and artisanal associations and SMEs from all over Lebanon, promoting their products under safety regulated and accredited brand: “Lebanese Village Products”. Rural Delights Specializes in modernly produced authentic Lebanese food that are naturally preserved and totally free of any additives or preservatives, as well as traditional handcrafted merchandises such as soap and candles. Rural Delights Cooperative strives to maintain the exquisite traditional food print of Lebanon by helping traditional producers become sellers by achieving high quality and production standards level.


Homemade Stuffed Tamer from Mrs. Darwish Tel: 71-004126

A small story of the invention of these tasteful dates handmade which became a family heritage, 100% handmade Lebanese dates with a twist. During the war of 1975 teta salma and her husband traveled to the gulf to escape the war. After their arrival teta salma realized that dates and cardamom coffee are very traditional to the gulf, so she added a twist of Lebanon to them. She roasted some walnuts she got from lebanon and grind them with some cardamom and filled the dates with the mix which turned out to an exquisite taste. A success story she taught to her daughter and became a family tradition inherited from generation to generation. 


Kaak Tamer from Salon des Familles Tel: 08-800731

Le Salon des Familles, or "Salone El 3a2ilat" has been producing these small fine pastry bites for more than 80 years now: A bizarre name, an awkward location, but some fine delicacies. PS: There is no saloon and no place to sit in here but a simple old style pastry shop. Don't expect anything else. The kaak Tamer are unbelievably tasty. The texture is hard, a biscuit that crumbles smoothly and majestically. Every bite is an indescribable cocktail of emotions.


Korban from Sleiman Riachi Bakery, Khenchara

Mar Antonios bakery since 1987. The korban is the special bread usually used for the Holy Mass. We would recommend stuffing it with cheese or chocolate for a double pleasure.


Fridge Magnet from Boecker Tel: 01-281444

A smart little fridge magnet to remind ourselves to always clean, separate, cook and chill our food using proper food safety procedures.

Taste&Flavors Magazine

Taste & Flavors is Lebanon’s number one English language Food & Lifestyle reference. The quarterly magazine is designed for everyday cooks & perpetual hostesses. Each issue contains tempting recipes using readily available ingredients and simple techniques, as well as lifestyle tips and innovative ideas for your home. 


We hope you enjoyed the Ramadan special edition of The Box. The Box contains products with a market value price of $120. Join us on www.NoGarlicNoOnions.com for more info about the products and their origin.

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