September 15, 2015

THE BOX: Six Months In! (Product Discontinued)

Wow. Six months have just flown by for me.

Six months ago we started The Box.  

Since then we've sent out 150 Boxes to addresses all over the country. Every month we've sent a collection of delicious, hand-picked items, over a dozen of them, to everyone on the subscribers list. Food, goodies, whatever the Box contains, it's all designed to spark your imagination. 

We're getting people back to their food culture, to help them discover the great produce Lebanon has, and we do this through authentic food prepared by dedicated people, from across Lebanon and from every background.

We're trying to show you a Lebanon that you might not know, or might have forgotten, so we travel the country looking for the very best we, the Lebanese, have to offer. The idea is to help you get out there, to learn, to discover, from your dining table.

This is how we can show people our Lebanon, our great little culinary country, this is how we can show the outside world what we're all about. It's also how we can help with the development of our country, by finding these tiny places that you haven't heard of and giving them our business, by trying to put them on the map. Gadgets, or food, whatever's in the box, it's all Lebanese, and it's all made with love and care.

We're six Boxes in, we dispatched the latest one just this morning. Like every month, it's full of Lebanese treasures and useful gadgets from Bcharee, Jbeil, Bekaa, Qana and beyond…

So, join with me in celebrating our six-month anniversary! It's been great so far!





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