June 09, 2016 Egypt Middle East

The Business Lounge at Cairo Airport

Located on the second floor, the lounge is one of the oldest spaces I have encountered. It must be decades old. A counter, a few tables, an old looking cafeteria, an open smoking area and a saloon down the alley...


I'm not sure where to start but this looks and feels like everything except a business lounge. A green carpet area with a buffet displaying couple croissants as well as a white fridge you see in restaurants' kitchens, another food area that looks more like a factory cafeteria and the large saloon that's so old you'll think twice before sitting on its couches.

Dirty tables, mediocre choices of food, dirty fridges, excess fumes and smoking, old furniture, bright white lights, broken lanterns... And the list goes on and on.


PS: WiFi doesn't work when the lounge is full.

I prefer not to go into more details because photos are enough to express. It's unacceptable. Going back and forth to Cairo for the upcoming year, I'll make sure to wait for my plain on the Terminal's first floor.


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