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The Cheesecake Factory Dubai; The Sweet Desserts
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth

Craving a cheesecake, this place is the best place to be! I’ve been to the one at the Dubai mall, San Francisco and Beirut enjoying the traditional cheesecake as well as the loaded creations known all around the world. At Dubai festival city, The Cheesecake Factory occupies the most significant space proposing more than 250 items on the menu and the full fridge of cheesecakes. 


I like it here! 

  • Fresh strawberries: the original topped with glazed fresh strawberries. The most popular for 35 years. The original comes with four shiny and glazed strawberries served next to a creamy cheesecake with a crunchy bottom. It has a light sweetness, an enjoyable thick creaminess, and adequate sweetness. The cakes are decorated with fresh whipped cream.
  • Oreo dream extreme cheesecake: creamy cheesecake layered with Oreo cookies, topped with Oreo cookie mousse and chocolate icing. Crunchy Oreos on a bed of a multilayered cake made of thick chocolate cream, cheesecake, and a sponge layer. A bit sweeter than the simple cheesecake, this one is enjoyable.
  • 30th-anniversary chocolate cake cheesecake: layers of the original cheesecake, fudge cake, and chocolate truffle cream. Softer, smoother, lighter and tastier than the Oreo cheesecake. More than five layers of hardcore sweetness. American style desserts not for the faint of heart.


The Cheesecake Factory is the address of American style heavy cakes!

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth





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