May 27, 2019

The first edition of World Bloggers Awards has been a tremendous success

(Press Release) More than 110 million people have been following the first ever World Blogger Awards dedicated to naming the best influencers in the world. Nominees came from the United States, Brazil, France, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Great Britain, India, China, UAE, and other countries. Their influence spans through Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. The Awards ceremony was streamed live on digital channels to the global audience with television version coming out soon.


The first World Bloggers Awards with a global reach and universal ambition was held in Cannes on 24th May, during the Cannes Film Festival. The best and the biggest influencers were named for the first time in history. 200 influencers were selected to the short list and 42 finalists got the award. There were final and superfinal categories.



  • Alice Abdelaziz @aliceabdelaziz 784K –  BEST SISTERHOOD
  • Nadine Abdelaziz@nadineabdelaziz 715K – BEST SISTERHOOD
  • Farah Abdelaziz @fafiabdelaziz 577K – BEST SISTERHOOD
  • Amazing Narnia (Stéphanie Jimenez) @amazingnarnia  162K – GOLDEN LIKE AWARD
  • Re Andrade @reandradeoficial 1,6M – BEST PARENTING BLOG
  • Valentina Nessi @valentinanessi 173K BEST PHILANTHROPIST BLOG
  • Aggie Lal @travel_inhershoes  887K – BEST STYLE in TRAVEL
  • Gyrol Anna @gyrolanna  913K  – BEST ADVISER
  • Jolie Nguyen @jolienguyennofficial 541K – BEST GLOBE TROTTER
  • Anita Chui @anitachui  423K – BEST ASIAN ACTRESS ACCOUNT
  • Amanda Ford @amandaford 342K -BEST LATIN AMERICA MEDIA PERSONALITY
  • Leila Brunton @leylabrunton 429K – BEST MIDDLE EAST STYLE
  • Benjamin Ortega @benjaminortega 309K – BEST ARTISTIC BLOG
  • Samuel Sohebi @samuelsohebi 112K – BEST MALE FASHION
  • Lilia Karpiak @lalicler 255K  – BEST INSPIRATION
  • Mareen @miss.everywhere 544K- BEST HOLIDAYS BLOGGER
  • Naomi-Jane Adams @bookonin 762K – LUXURY TRAVEL BLOGGER
  • Kerllen Maciel @healthy_fitmum 228K – BEST FITTEST MUM
  • Camilla Lucchi @ camillalucchi_  111K – BEST MULTI-PLATFORM BLOGGER
  • Lenka Josefiova @thetravellingbeautyqueen 226K – BEST TOURISM BLOGGER
  • Patricia Gloria Contreras @patriciagloriacontreras  235K – BEST FASHION TRENDS BLOGGER
  • Aliia Roza @aliiaroza  198K – BEST WOMEN EMPOWERMENT
  • Anthony Rahayel @nogarlicnoonions 120K – BEST STREET FOOD BLOGGER
  • Staсia Mar @stacia_mar 5,5M – 243K followers in INSTAGRAM – BEST FASHION LIFESTYLE BLOGGER
  • Brahms Chouity @daddyfoody 108K – BEST COMFORT FOOD BLOGGER


The Superfinal winners:

  • Victoria Silvstedt @victoriasilvstedt 708K – BEST GLAMOUR INFLUENCER
  • Nusret Gokce @nusr_et 21,9M – BEST CELEBRITY INFLUENCER
  • Jonathan Cheban @foodgod 3,1M – BEST FOOD INFLUENCER
  • Erika Santos @erikasantos 1,3M    BEST BEAUTY INFLUENCER
  • Zaklina Berrido Pisano @realfashionist 515K – BEST STYLE INFLUENCER
  • Karolina Zubkova-Mattes @karolinasfairytale  163K – BEST HAUTE COUTURE INFLUENCER
  • Bhuvam Bam (aka BB) @bhuvan.bam   22M – BEST ENTERTAINMENT INFLUENCER
  • Sharon Fonseca @sharfonseca 434K – BEST MODEL INFLUENCER
  • Gaurav Chaudhary @technicalguruji 14M BEST TECHNICAL INFLUENCER
  • Victoria Bonya @victoriabonya 6,3M – BEST LIFESTYLE INFLUENCER
  • Anna Andres @ann.andres  755K- BEST FASHION BUSINESS INFLUENCER
  • Ashish Chanchlani @ashishchanchlani 15M – BEST COMEDY INFLUENCER
  • Greta Thunberg @gretathunberg 1,5M – BEST SUSTAINABLE INFLUENCER
  • Gianluca Vacchi @gianlucavacchi    12,5M – KING OF INSTAGRAM – GRAND PRIX


“We have learned a lot. We were impressed by the number of applicants and their turn out. We are delighted by the worldwide interest we received. Everybody is already looking forward to World Blogger Awards 2020” said Maria Grazhina Chaplin, event producer.

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