November 02, 2016 Hamra & Verdun Beirut Lebanon Middle East

The Hot Dog Faktory Beirut: Gourmet Hotdogs (Restaurant Closed)

From Geneva to Lausanne and now Beirut, The Hot Dog Faktory is a Lebanese concept that first opened in Switzerland is now open for lunch and dinner on Jeanne D'arc Street.


The Hot Dog Faktory’s sausages are something else. It’s a Swiss recipe, the bread is artisanal and the sauces are homemade and contain no preservatives or additives.

You will find eight sandwiches: The Classic, The Barbecue, The Bombay, The Tasty, The Mex, The Swiss, The Chili, The Vege and The Selfie (Do it Yourself).

For LBP11,000 you'll get a sandwich and chips and for LBP14,500 you’ll get a drink and dog fries.

It’s a small place mainly built around one color; black… It boasts an industrial feel. Walk in, pass the bar and reach an open kitchen. The eight sandwiches are displayed on the wall facing you. Cleanliness is key, while all staff members wear gloves and hairnets. I ordered four of them and waited to be served.


The Dogs: They're not sausages, they're hotdogs and probably one of the best in town.

  • Good quality sandwiches. Not a smell of anything synthetic, a tender texture and very thin envelope. The chicken sausage is good.
  • Super tender bread, airy and light.
  • Ingredients are fresh and crunchy when they should be, and flavorful at the same time.
  • Loved the Coca-Cola infused barbecue sauce that adds sweetness, the crispy onion covering, the tender and fresh bread, artisan Swiss veal sausage and that light spicy after note.
  • The Swiss has more cheese, onion bread that enjoyably doesn't taste onions, cabbage in balsamic vinegar and mustard for the boost of flavor you need.
  • The classic is not too classic. Ketchup is interesting glazed with orange juice, tender bread, and soft cabbage and balsamic and finally, the old-fashioned mustard.
  • Innovative sandwiches, funny and special mixes, the extra mile found in every sandwich.
  • There is no melted cheddar cheese around here, no chips, no jalapeños and no ketchup. Every ingredient is special and every mix carefully studied.

Chips are offered: Adequately cooked.


I surely wasn't expecting to eat sausages that tasty. We are often used to a hotdog sandwich that uses supermarket-canned hotdogs with cheddar and heated buns… The Hotdog Faktory has taken the level of a hotdog sandwich elsewhere. In addition to that, staff is professional and welcoming.

You definitely need more than one to fulfill your hunger so expect to invest around LBP25,000 for a lunch. Maybe they should work out the prices better to have everyone enjoy two sandwiches...?






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