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The July BOX is Out: Discover its Mouthwatering Content (Product Discontinued)

The 4th Edition of The Box is out there... and with the box comes more than 15 items carefully handpicked for your ultimate pleasure - your special invitation to travel with me around the hidden wonders of Lebanon, at the comfort of your home. 


Over 120 boxes have been sent to the doorsteps of foodies across Lebanon. If the Box is in front of you, then you’ll be experiencing a part of my journey across the country… and I can’t begin to tell you how that makes me feel… Knowing that you are discovering what I have… tasting, appreciating and enjoying a small part of our Lebanon, its diverse cultures, as well as the hard work and professionalism of local vendors and artisans, through food.

Open THE BOX and find a selection of delicious wonders; from a cooking book, which I believe will add a stylish touch to your plates, special bars of soaps, as well as Jallab and Kamareddine which fit perfectly well the fasting season.

Let's check out what more is in there...

Inside The Box of July 2015

  • Clementine Compote: Jezzine, South. Compote is a dessert made of whole or pieces of fruits in sugar syrup. Clementine were turned into an edible piece of magic. Cut it, bite it and feel the passion within. Jars&Co is a food concept boutique offering a brand new culinary experience in the Lebanese market 03-664469


  • Carrot Cake in a Jar: Bsalim, Metn. Filled in a jar this cake fills half its thickness. Fresh, aromatic and glowing from the purity of its ingredients, the carrot cake has an orange color with shredded carrots, a moist spongy filling and some crunchy walnuts. Slightly sweet with a bit of spices, juice... This is a cake to try. Cakes & Bites 03-357475

Joyce Sakr started baking at a young age, assisting and learning the basics from her great aunt. After years of juggling between different fields of work, she rediscovered her old hobby, baking and cake decorating. In 2011, she started innovating in her kitchen and decided to launch her own home-based pastry catering “Cakes & Bites”. Her motivation and passion led her to meet up and learn from well-known and international cake decorators and chefs to keep moving forward and discovering new techniques.


  • Mulberry Syrup: Ain el Kabou, Baskinta. During Ramadan season enjoy a unique Mulberry syrup grown at an altitude of 1200 meters. Dilute one unit of mulberry syrup into six units of cold water for a delicious all-natural refreshing drink. This can also be used as a topping over pancakes and desserts. Mymoune +9614522403

At the foot of Lebanon’s Mount Sannine rests the picturesque village of Ain El Kabou. This is where Mymoune harvests its all-natural specialties, such as jams, preserves, seasonings, flower waters, and other products made with love, the traditional Lebanese way.
The lushness of the Lebanese soil, paired with the cooperative mediterranean weather, bears exceptional fruits rich in color and flavor. All of the ingredients are handpicked and individually selected for the best possible taste – a process which has earned Mymoune a reputation of unparalleled quality over the years. 


La cuisine c’est facile ! Et la cuisine libanaise aussi ! Les Recettes de Georgette s’adresse à tous les amateurs de bonne table, qu’ils soient libanais ou non, résidant au Liban ou à l’étranger, débutants ou pros en cuisine. Les Recettes de Georgette propose plus de 275 recettes de cuisine libanaise, superbement illustrées, clairement expliquées étape par étape, avec le nombre de calories, ainsi que des astuces et versions rapides pour une réalisation encore plus simple. C'est un ensemble de recettes libanaises traditionnelles, héritées oralement de mère en fille au fil des générations, remises au goût du jour, allégées sans rien perdre de leur saveur originelle, avec en plus tous les petits secrets jalousement gardées par nos grands-mères et qui ont le mérite de transformer un bon plat en un mets exquis.
Des fameux mezzés à la cuisine maison, des bons plats du quotidien aux grands plats de réception, la cuisine libanaise vous livre tous ses secrets !


  • Pickled Seaweed: Naqoura, South. This is not your usual pickled package, this is simply out of this world, a discovery that will put a smile on your face. Seaweed harvested by hand from the seashores of south Lebanon, pickled for your ultimate pleasure. You can simply eat them raw or pair them with Labneh as well as cheese, meat, chicken or wine. They'll fit perfectly in your salad. Crunchy and aromatic, they are addictive. Em Ali 03-649135


  • Cow cheese with thyme preserved in olive oil: Basatin el Ossi, Batroun. This is the work of devoted women from the village of Basatin el Ossi and Kfarhelda in the beautiful mountains of Batroun on the way to Tannourine. Local cheese mixed with handpicked wild oregano thyme preserved in olive oil, ready to be spread on a sandwich with tomatoes. Try adding them to your Labneh sandwich and discover the difference for yourself. Basatin el Ossi cooperative 03-134669

Rural Delights (Atayeb Al Rif - تعاونية أطايب الريف ) cooperative was established in 2002 and is the first cooperative specialized in marketing in Lebanon. The cooperative was established initially as a result of a USAID funded development program and aims at providing rural women in Lebanon with income generation opportunities. The program established food processing centers owned by women and that were linked to the newly formed Rural Delights Cooperative for marketing their produce. Since then, Rural Delights coop implemented numerous projects to enhance the women’s production and services marketed under our brand names as well as other projects to empower rural communities. 
Rural Delights coop specializes in traditional Lebanese food & “mouneh” that is totally free of any additives or preservatives as well as handmade handicrafts, crochet, accessories, soap and candles. Products include Jams and preserves, Pickles, Oil preserved foods, Herbs, Syrups, Distilleries, Sun dried products, Compotes, Hot sauces, pomegranate molasses, and sour grape.


  • Jellab Syrup: Khenchara, Metn. Jallab is a type of fruit syrup popular in Lebanon especially during Ramadan. Made from carob, dates, grape molasses and rose water then smoked with Arabic incense. It's better enjoyed on crushed ice with floating pine nuts and raisins. www.harmint.com 71-606079


  • Olive Oil Soap: Tripoli. Since 1803, date of the establishment of the atelier, the Sharkass family have made the traditional cold-pressed soap from pure olive oil. This scented soap is 100% natural and organic, useful for the hair and body produced of 100% pure olive oil. Find a selection of Jasmin, lemon, musk and rose soaps specially engraved for The Box. Sharkass 06-425857


  • Taste&Flavors Magazine: Taste & Flavors is Lebanon’s English language Food & Lifestyle reference. The quarterly magazine is designed for everyday cooks and perpetual hostesses. Each issue contains tempting recipes using readily available ingredients and simple techniques, as well as lifestyle tips and innovative ideas for your home. Its up-to-date cooking trends and the latest food concepts around town, Taste & Flavors combines the spirit of entertainment and living with style and grace. https://www.facebook.com/TasteandFlavors


  • Freekeh: Hariss, Bint Jbeil. Well, freekeh is wheat, but it's wheat that has been harvested when it's still young and green, then it gets roasted and dried. USAID have developed the world's first hightech machine that creates a smokey Freekeh with smokey aromas. Freekeh is the next big thing taking over the Quinoa trend. Cook it with chicken, meat or use it as a side plate with all Lebanese Yakhnet.Produced by Hariss Cooperative, Distributed by Atayeb el Rif 03-335854

Rural Delights cooperative strives to maintain the exquisite traditional food print of Lebanon by helping traditional producers become sellers by achieving high quality and production standards level.


  • Semsmiyyeh: Enjoy the sweet combination of caramel and sesame in this bite-sized bar. Individually wrapped for your convenience, these sesame crunch bars make the perfect on-the-go snack as well as a delicious treat for holiday parties and other social gatherings. Crousty, Abou Naji, 03-244670


  • Colonel Beer: Batroun, North. A special edition only found at the Colonel micro-brewery in Batroun, bottled for NoGarlicNoOnions. Black Irish beer: Dark velvet beer. Its Caramel and roasted malts give it a deep bodied, harmonious taste and its bitter hops give it strength. It is quite a strong beer, brewed mostly in winter. http://www.colonelbeer.com 06-743543


  • Kamareddine: Tripoli, North. Dried apricot paste, also known as qamar el-deen or ameerdine in Arabic, is sun dried apricot paste made by squeezing hundreds of kilograms of apricot, mixing them with a sugary syrup and spreading them on giant trays to dry under the summer sun. The final product is tangy apricot leather-like orange sheets. Dried apricot paste tastes of delicious dried apricot and melts in one's mouth. It can be eaten as is, snatched right from the box, or added to food. Abdul Rahman Hallab. 03-001881 www.hallab.com


  • Saffron: Qaa, Bekaa Valley. Saffron, the most expensive spice out there, is well known for its color, flavor and medicinal properties. It is the dried "stigmas” and “styles" – also known as threads - of the Crocus sativus flower. A pinch of saffron is enough to enhance the flavor and color of an entire dish. This Lebanese saffron was produced by a local farmer from Qaa – Northern Bekaa area and holds nutritive benefits for its consumer and economical values for its cultivator. Khalil Wehbe Enterprise . 71-759140


  • Mallet el Smeed: Deir Qanoun, Ras el Ain, South. Mallet el Smeed is a traditional Lebanese salty sesame bread made of cracked wheat (bulgur), flour, sesame seeds and salt all kneaded with olive oil. An exclusive product of Hariss women cooperative in South Lebanon, this snack goes perfectly with strained yogurt (Labneh), Zaatar and olive oil or can be enjoyed on its own. Mawassem A Dayaa Cooperative 70-430505


  • Fleur de Sel: Anfeh, North. Fleur de Sel, also known as “Table Salt” is one of the finest salts being hand harvested directly from sea water. Fleur de Sel is not only natural and free of any additives, but contains more mineral complexities than other common salts.Mr. Hafez Jreij 03-540215


  • Keshek: West Bekaa. Cracked wheat, Goat yogurt, Cow yogurt and salt. Keshek is a very traditional food made every year by Lebanese villagers with bulgur and milk at the end of summer as part of winter’s provisions. Coarse bulgur is rubbed with milk and left to ferment a few days; it is then placed on the rooftop and left to dry under the sun for several days; then taken to the village mill and ground fine into a powder; the powdered keshk is once again dried in the sun for several day in order to dry thoroughly. Keshek is now ready to be stored in the pantry for a year and is used in dozens of dishes throughout the year. Atayeb el Rif 01-490640


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