March 04, 2014

The Microwave That Listens to Itself Cook

Meet the new microwave that listens to itself cook from Whirlpool. The latest microwave, 1.9 cu. ft. Microwave Hood Combo with TimeSavor uses a new technology called the Accupop, a feature powered by a sound sensor that helps the machine adapt its cooking time. AccuPop™ cycle adapts cooking time automatically using sound sensors. If you're making popcorn, the microwave is able to find those kernels that have not popped yet...


More so, you won't have to micro-manage your microwave with Sensor cooking, which tracks the progress of food and automatically adjusts cooking time. Plus, you can easily prepare veggies without the hassle of bulky cooktop steamers with Steam cooking and the universal microwave steamer. An industry first, the CleanRelease® non-stick interior surface easily releases cooked-on food without harsh chemicals so you can clean up all types of splatters quickly. And when you're ready to relax in front of a movie, count on the AccuPop cycle to adapt cooking time automatically using sound sensors for consistently perfect popcorn.

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