September 25, 2018 Gemmayze & Mar Mikhael Beirut Lebanon Middle East

The Original Em Ali: From Souk el Tayeb to Gemmayze
Authentic & Traditional

“Oum Ali”, the one and only Saj Queen famous from (Souk el Tayeb) and (Souk el Akel) has opened a breakfast Parlour on Gemmayze street. A traditional eatery serving the same yellow dough and the tasty white cheese mixes. I was always a fan of “Emm Ali” who used to roll “Anthony’s Manouche” for me made of white cheese, roquette leaves, spicy Shatta, and tomatoes.


So I ordered my favorite cheese wrap, kechek and cheese, zaatar and molten cheese. The dough is yellow, intensely yellow because it’s made of corn and oat. 

Have the eggs with kawarma, juicy eggs prepared a-la-Minute in a clay pot, served with vegetables and bread. Add sumac for a better taste. I always loved Emm Ali’s eggs with kawarma which I would have better enjoyed as a sandwich with tomatoes the way she does it at the souk.


Different from what you experience at the souk... A traditional breakfast in Beirut: check out Emm Ali.

Suitable For: Authentic & Traditional


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