August 28, 2014

The Spirits of Orchid: The Cocktails and Drinks Guide

I just received a gift that made my day. A book that I liked so much I thought I should share it with you.


Last week, it was all over the radio that Orchid had published a book, and I said to myself: "A new company publishing a book as advertising. Orchid? A book? What would it have in it, girls in bikinis?” Nope, I was wrong, as I opened the first pages of this magnificent book, that's perfectly designed and crafted, filled with awesome images and detailed recipes about drinks, the sort of drinks we've always dreamed of doing at home, I was amazed.


Synonymous with luxury, elegance, and sophistication, Orchid is unsurprisingly also the birthplace of some of the most unique cocktails. Today it presents its first cocktail book, The Spirits of Orchid, inspired and infused by the tastes and flavors of Orchid; cocktails and mixes that readers can now concoct and savor on their own.  In addition to the regular punches, sangrias, mojitos and a variety of international cocktails, classically prepared or revisited, the book brings together a unique collection of blends and enchanting mixes, the signature drinks that reflect the feel of Orchid.


But unlike other cocktail books, The Spirits of Orchid divides the drinks into three sections of 132 pages: Day drinks, Sunset drinks and Night drinks. The right drink at the right time, from the classic to the modern, The Spirits of Orchid ensures, you will never to be caught with the wrong drink again.  The Spirits of Orchid is more than a reference guide; it's a concocter's companion and a source of enjoyment; it is an invitation to the spirit of Orchid.

This might sound like an advertisement but believe me it's not. I simply loved it and thought I should share.





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